Corona Care

Ayush Kwath (Liquid & Dry)

This is a combination recommended by Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India for prevention from COVID-19

Active Ingredients:
Ocimum sanctum, Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Zingiber officinale, Piper nigrum Jiggery (Gud)
Indication: Immunity Booster
Suggested dosage: 5ml twice a day.

Mimansha proprietary blend (sanitizer)

Instant Hand & Skin Disinfectant -- Non-toxic, bio-safe with natural Aroma
Plant Lower Power Big Effective against Swine-flu, conjunctivitis & diarrheal Diseases

  • It is one of the fastest acting and highly effective hand and skin disinfectants, which kill a broad spectrum of the disease causing germs and also removes dirt and stains completely with ease by using Permelia perlata (Lower plant-lichen) extract essential oils. Permelia perlata possesses specific antiviral, antibacterial & antifungal activity due to presence of unique secondary compounds like of usnic acid salazinic acid, vulpinic acid and Atranorin, Parietin, anthraquinone etc. but Usnic acid is wide-spectrum antibiotic without any effect on application on skin. It protects you from all known bacteria, fungi & viruses. An exceptionally effective and mild de-gemming product that supplements regular hand washing. In a few seconds it helps break the link between hand and germs, and helps reduce the risk of infections.
  • A small amount of product about 2-3 ml rubbed evenly over the hands kills 99.5% of germs virtually on contact. Only 2-3 ml rubbed for 15 sec. gives protection for 4 hours.
  • What separates it from the competition against liquid hand disinfectant is that it is Herbal, non-toxic, bio-safe and in addition gives pleasant odour. Essential oils isolated from plants (Lower &higher groups) sources are known to possess potent antimicrobial properties. The use requires pouring out a few drops and rubbing well over hands and palm for 15 sec. It can be used in the laboratories of microbiology to cell culture and for hospitals. It gives a healthy environment to all researchers and professionals and also a bio-safe hand wash for household and toiletries.
  • The disinfectants already available in the market contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, ethane dialdehyde, n-propanol, benzalkonium chloride, phenol and the like.

Features & Benefits of Instant Hand & Skin Disinfectant

  • It is one of the fastest acting and highly effective hand and skin disinfectants, which kill a broad spectrum of the disease causing germs and also removes dirt and stains completely with ease by using various plant essential oils.
  • It has been indigenously developed by R&D department of Mimansha Herbals & is completely safe to human beings and can be used anywhere without much care as it is 100% natural.
  • Every time you clean with the herbal team you get aromatherapy benefits such as relaxation, stress relief and even a stronger memory.
  • It requires less time than a traditional hand wash.
  • More effective and faster acting.
  • Dries faster than soap and water.
  • It can be used in all clinical situations (including sterile procedures) EXCEPT when hands are visibly dirty.


As an effective antimicrobial hand wash in all applications.

  • To decrease germs in minor cuts.
  • For disinfectors skin preparation prior to surgery.
  • As an effective hand wash for general health care by personnel involved in food handling, food preparation etc.
  • Applied externally for cooling soothing application for bedridden patient’s athletis.
  • It is more effective than chemical based disinfectants.

Mode of Application; A small amount of liquid about 2-3 ml rubbed evenly over the hands kills 99.5% of germs virtually on contact. Only 2-3 ml rubbed for 15 sec. gives protection for 3-4 hours.

US Pharmacopeia & National formulary register recommend alcohol based skin disinfectant and Alcohol-based Hand Antisepsis is strongly recommended by Centre for Disease Control guidelines (2002). WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care"Start Clean" document of the Victorian Hand Hygiene Project
Antimicrobial activity of product against hand and skin surface bacteria and fungi Micro flora of normal Hand including palms, back of the hands and fingernails before (A) & After using Instant Hand & Skin Disinfectant (B).

An alcohol-based hand disinfectants can improve adherence to hand hygiene practice because:
It can be conveniently located:
  • alcohol hand disinfectants can be placed at every bed / cot side, entrances of rooms and on procedural trolleys
It requires less time than a traditional hand wash
  • It normally only takes 10-15 seconds for the application. If hands are drying in less than 10 seconds, it indicates that insufficient amount of alcohol disinfectant has been applied. If forearms are being gelled (before a clinical procedure), 2-3 pumps maybe required to cover the area.
More effective and faster acting
  • The solutions containing 60% - 70% alcohol are most effective and higher concentrations are less potent.
Faster drying than soap and water?
  • Soaps are normally associated with skin irritation and dryness
  • Alcohol hand disinfectants often contain a emollient to prevent dryness
  • An alcohol hand disinfectant does not require the use of paper towel, which is often the source of irritation.
Herbal Disinfectant Multi Surface
Non-toxic & Anti-bacteria & Biodegradable. Leaves a beautiful shine. Provides long lasting floor protection. Safe for use on regular and all types ‘floors. It’s recommended for cleaning of house hold premises, Industries, Hospitals, Institution and Restaurants etc. This acid-free product is also biodegradable.
Is Parmelia Perlata a disinfectant?
Permelia perlata is a powerful disinfectant that will kill staph and viruses like the H1N1, Severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS-CoV-2 (corona virus) and three RNSs viruses.
Mimansha Skin disinfectant lotion
This unique product provides intensive skin conditioning while providing enhanced long lasting protection against the risk of infection. This lotion is formulated from the safest and most effective ingredients. It contains Permelia perlata, a powerful antimicrobial agent that is well known for both its safety and efficacy. Antimicrobial Lotion helps protect against microbes contamination and guard against the risk of infection.
The extra advantages of this formulation include its incredible skin-softening and skin-healing properties. Unlike many other skin disinfectant products that are based upon alcohol, Mimansha’s disinfectant Lotion is alcohol free and actually improves the skin through repetitive use. Emollients have been artfully incorporated into the product to aid in lubricating and moisturizing the skin, continuing to improve skin condition while providing hours of lasting protection against viruses and harmful germs that cause illness.